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03/18/2018Pastor Joel To Judge or Not to Judge
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:1-6
The most often quoted verse in all of Scripture today is Matt. 7:1. The reason is that it seems to support the current American cultural taboo of declaring anything to be immoral except declaring anything to be immoral. But there are many Scriptures that instruct us to judge. So how do we harmonize these seemingly contradictory instructions. That is what I want to address today.
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03/18/2018 March 18th Worship Service

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03/18/2018 My Sins Are Gone

Pastor Joel Sings a solo
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03/11/2018Pastor Joel Dealing With Sinners
Sunday Morning Matthew 18:15-22
Not one in ten Christians deals with being sinned against in a biblical manner. Today we look at how the Bible tells us to deal with sinners.
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03/04/2018Pastor Joel Seeking The Lost
Sunday Morning Luke 15:3-10
When we think about reaching our lost loved ones, we must first of all remember that God cares more for them than we do, He wants them to be saved more than we do. There are certain basic things that we must do to reach them, but only God is able to save.
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