Talent Night 2017

On this page you can listen to the 2017 talent night program. Unfortunatly, one of the offerings cannot be portrayed here, because it is visual, and also because it used an audio recording that it would be illegal to reproduce. However, all the offerings that were audio in nature are available. Enjoy!


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04/07/2017 Beauty and the Beast

De Fawley Vocal Solo
Download 2017-04-07_Beauty_and_the_Beast.mp3
04/07/2017 Boom Boom

De, Sheryle and Esther skit
Download 2017-04-07_Boom_Boom.mp3
04/07/2017 Bottled Water

Sheryle Coaty vocal
Download 2017-04-07_Bottled_Water.mp3
04/07/2017 Chopsticks and Blessed Assurance

De Fawley on the Piano
Download 2017-04-07_Chopsticks_and_Blessed_Assurance.mp3
04/07/2017 How are Things in Glocca Morra

Joel and Nicole DeFord Vocal Duet
Download 2017-04-07_How_Are_Things_in_Glocca_Morra.mp3
04/07/2017 I Never See Maggie Alone

Pastor Joel Vocal Solo
Download 2017-04-07_I_Never_See_Maggie_Alone.mp3

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