Talent Night 2019

On this page you can listen to the 2019 talent night program. Enjoy!

The files seem to have loaded in the reverse order of their performance, so the first one is on the last page. There are three pages of files.


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04/27/2019 I Cannot Tell

Steve Teele Harmonica Solo
Download 2019-04-27_I_Cannot_Tell.mp3
04/27/2019 I'm Drinking From My Saucer

Holly reading a poem
Download 2019-04-27_I_m_Drinking_From_My_Saucer.mp3
04/27/2019 Jim
Talent Night 2019
Joel DeFord
Download 2019-04-27_Jim.mp3
04/27/2019 Matilda

Joel DeFord reading a poem
Download 2019-04-27_Matilda.mp3
04/27/2019 My Faith Looks Up To Thee

Nicole DeFord Piano Solo
Download 2019-04-27_My_Faith_Looks_Up_To_Thee.mp3
04/27/2019 On Food

Joel DeFord reading a poem
Download 2019-04-27_On_Food.mp3

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