The sermons listed under "special messages" are vitally important, and thus will remain available. The sermons on the main page are the regular Sunday services, and will be replaced regularly. The worship service for any Sunday will be available for only one week. The sermon is a separate recording, and will be available for 3 weeks. The message for any Sunday will normally be posted on the following Monday.



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09/09/2018Pastor Joel A Focused Praise
Sunday Morning Psalms 66:1-20
Reasons to praise God Internationally, Nationally and Personally.
2018-09-09 A Focused Praise.docx Download 2018-09-09 A Focused Praise.docx
Download 2018-09-09_A_Focused_Praise.mp3
08/26/2018Dick Parker Dick Parker sharing about his work in Brazil
Sunday Morning
Dick Parker shared his work in Brazil during adult Sunday School Class
Download 2018-08-26_Dick_Parker_Sunday_School.mp3
08/26/2018Rick Parker Rick Parker on Brazil, and Worship
Sunday Morning
Rick Parker shared his work in Brazil, and gave us a message on Worship
Download 2018-08-26_Rick_Parker_s_Message.mp3
09/09/2018 September 9th Special Music

Sarah DeFord Solo
Download 2018-09-09_Special_Music.mp3
09/09/2018 September 9th Worship Service

Download 2018-09-09_A_Worship_Service.mp3
09/02/2018Pastor Joel The God of Abundant Provision
Sunday Morning Psalms 65:1-13
God abundantly provides everything we need, and our response should be praise and thanksgiving.
2018-09-02 The God of Abundant Provision.docx Download 2018-09-02 The God of Abundant Provision.docx
Download 2018-09-02_The_God_of_Abundant_Provision.mp3

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