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12/30/2018Pastor Joel Passing The Torch
Sunday Morning Psalms 78:1-72
This is a didactic Psalm teaching us that history is vital to remember, and when we forget it, and fail to pass it on to our children, we will inevitably fail as a church or a people.
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01/06/2019Pastor Joel Justice and Mercy
Sunday Morning Psalms 79:1-13
The first casualty of injustice is compassion. On the other hand, if justice is not tempered with mercy, no human can survive. It is in the cross of Christ that justice and mercy meet.
2019-01-06 Justice and Mercy.docx Download 2019-01-06 Justice and Mercy.docx
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01/13/2019Pastor Joel The Shepherd and the Farmer
Sunday Morning Psalms 80:1-19
In this Psalm we see God revealed as both a shepherd and a husbandman, and Israel as a flock, and a vineyard. In both figures we can see principles of God's working with His people.
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01/20/2019Pastor Joel Listen Up!
Sunday Morning Psalms 81:1-16
Psalm 81 is a Psalm of worship that deals with foundational issues, and what happens when we get them wrong.
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01/20/2019 January 20th Worship Service

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