Talent Night 2018

On this page you can listen to the 2018 talent night program. Enjoy!

The files are not in order of performance. There are three pages of files.


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05/18/2018 When Mix Went to School

Reading by Joel DeFord
Download when_Mix_Went_to_School.mp3
05/18/2018 Church Conference Anthem

Solo by Joel DeFord
Download Church_Conference_Anthem.mp3
05/18/2018 The Swamp

A comic story read by Lois Goode
Download The_Swamp.mp3
05/18/2018 Play A Simple Melody

A duet by Nicole and Sarah DeFord
Download Play_a_Simple_Melody.mp3
05/18/2018 A Modern Martyrdom

Poem read by Liz Lawrence
Download A_Modern_Day_Martyrdom.mp3
05/18/2018 Introduction

Introducing this year's talent night
Download 01_Introduction.mp3

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