The sermons listed under "special messages" are vitally important, and thus will remain available. The sermons on the main page are the regular Sunday services, and will be replaced regularly. The worship service for any Sunday will be available for only one week. The sermon is a separate recording, and will be available for 3 weeks. The message for any Sunday will normally be posted on the following Monday.



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02/18/2018 February 18th special music

Download 2018-02-18_Special_Music.mp3
02/18/2018 February 18th Worship Service

Download 2018-02-18_A_Worship_Service.mp3
02/18/2018Pastor Joel Take the Long Road
Sunday Morning Psalms 49:1-20
Life is short and death is sure. Wealth cannot redeem us, but our lives can be invested so as to account for eternity, if we trust in God rather than in riches.
2018-02-18 Take the Long Road.docx Download 2018-02-18 Take the Long Road.docx
Download 2018-02-18_Take_the_Long_Road.mp3
02/11/2018Pastor Joel The Law of Love
Sunday Morning Matthew 22:35-40
God is Love, and He has created this universe upon the principle of sacrificial self-giving. It is the way things ought to be. The universe reflects God's love, and we should also reflect His love.
Download 2018-02-11_The_Law_of_Love.mp3
02/04/2018Pastor Joel The King's Capital
Sunday Morning Psalms 48:1-14
This Psalm praises the king by praising His city. It extols the greatness of our God. and attests to the confidence and security that are ours in Him.
2018-02-04 The King's Capital.docx Download 2018-02-04 The King's Capital.docx
Download 2018-02-04_The_King_s_Capital.mp3

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